We Offer a Unique Range of Environmentally Sustainable Products

Grow Bags

The reigning product in soilless culture under controlled environments, Coir grow bags are the most sought after product in the present day hydroponics. With more and more growers in the world looking for eco-friendly media the demand for our high quality grow-bags has seen a significant increase thus enabling us to serve and help more customers achieve success.

Because of its unique characteristics owing to excellent manufacturing standards, Forteco has been able to achieve world No 1 status in Coco Substrates.


Growpots also known as ‘planter’s bags’ come with pre-cut drain holes so that the bag itself can act as a pot. By just adding water the coir is hydrated inside the bag and is ready for planting. This offers convenience to growers of different scales, allowing for easy transfer to other pots or improvise and customize as required.

Propagation Cubes

This product, made of 100% compostable raw material is best used for propagation in plant nurseries & green houses. Our primary focus is to ensure these cubes are manufactured with minimum variance in size addressing the needs of both, growers who work with manual processes as well as those with sophisticated technology and automated systems.

Propagation cubes are available in multiple sizes and can be customized according to customer specifications and requirement.

Coco Blocks

This is the most economical product for containerized transportation, and can be re-constituted by adding water. Coco blocks are ideal for growers who like to improvise and customize, to mix and combine as required! Euro Substrates Coco Blocks could also be used in mass scale applications such as lawns and gardens.

Coco Disks

The most popular and sought after product amongst growers of flowers, our Coco Disks are perfect for Gerberas, Orchids, Anthurium and other pot plants. A most convenient offering for professional and home growers, it is as easy as just placing the disk inside the pot and adding water.