Passion for Excellence has been the Driving Force of Euro Substrates

Passion for Excellence

We are committed to offering high quality, environmentally-safe products to growers worldwide since our inception in 2000. During our journey of nearly two decades, we have successfully introduced many pioneering products to our clients, leading to higher yields with reduced water and fertilizer consumption, minimizing the impact on the environment.

We strive to ensure highest standards at all stages of the production process assuring the delivery of consistently high-quality products to our clients. Our team who are fully devoted to serving diverse needs of our clients ensure that our clients get the best.

We have always been proactive in our interactions with our clients and have successfully introduced unique products to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the professional horticulture industry. By constantly benchmarking rapidly changing technology in the global horticultural arena we strive to develop our products and processes to effectively respond to these changes.

We have been largely successful in new product development due to our commitment to widen the scope of application of coir as a natural alternative to non-natural materials to preserve the nature.