We Place Innovation at the Forefront of Our Operations, Continously Introducing World-Class Quality Products

New Products

Our commitment to innovation and new product development plays a pivotal role in our new product offering. We make every effort to introduce products which are useful for customers and often interesting and even educative.

Mini Coco Disk

This product is perfect for Nurseries, home and kitchen gardening and even for kids looking to have fun growing plants. It is small in size and can be fitted into miniature pots, just drop in the seed and place on the windowsill of your kitchen or living room. A creative hobby for adults and children, and a perfect way to beautify your home!

Propagation Cubes

(with non-woven cover)

This product, made of 100% compostable raw material is best used for propagation in plant nurseries & green houses. Our primary focus is to ensure these cubes are manufactured with minimum variance in size addressing the needs of both, growers who work with manual processes as well as those with sophisticated technology and automated systems.

Available in multiple sizes and can be customized according to customer specifications and requirement.