Manufactured to Highest of Standards – Finest Quality Grow Bags

Grow Bags

The reigning product in soilless culture under controlled environments, Coir grow bags the most sought after product in the present day hydroponics. With more and more growers in the world looking for eco-friendly media the demand for our high quality grow-bags has seen a significant increase thus enabling us to serve and help more customers achieve success.

Because of its unique characteristics owing to excellent manufacturing standards, Forteco has been able to achieve world number 1 status in Coco Substrates.

Growbags are can be made to customer specific requirements of sizes.

Benefiting Growers Worldwide

Easy to Install

Growbags are completely ‘ready to use’. Equipped with drain slits and plant holes, the stick holes are drilled according to customer requirement, thus saving time and significant labour costs for growers.

Maximum Steering Ability

A unique feature of the Forteco slab is its high air holding capacity. Each slab has an efficient drainage capacity resulting in excellent steering of the crop. The coco slabs have sufficient capillarity to allow ‘dry growing’ without risking a reduced water uptake during different growing phases, hence the total substrate volume remains available for the plant.

Excellent Rooting

Plants root-in very easily in Forteco coco slabs, because of their unique air/water ratio. Roots are distributed through the entire substrate, resulting in extra vigour during the Summer Season.

Stable Structure

Due to the high air holding capacity, the structure of the Forteco slabs are stable, enabling growers to use it for more than one season. Hence these Coco slabs are suitable for multiple year cultivation of crops

Values of a Growbag which are Invaluable to Growers

  • Stability of structure during culture
  • Steers your crops for maximum yield and fruit quality
  • Equally good for vegetables, flowers and fruits
  • Minimizes the risk of disease and produces stronger plants
  • Purpose-made slabs with pre-cut plant/ drain holes- reduces labour costs in installation
  • Ideal air water ratio
  • Optimizes the use of water and fertilizer
  • Faster and dense root establishment due to porous structure
  • Fully organic environmentally-friendly substrate with no disposal problems
  • Convenient and cost-effective transportation and storage