Leading Provider of Sustainable Coco Solutions

Adding value to professional substrates

We have been providing professional substrates for many different types of crops to generate value and achieve success in horticulture across the globe.

Customised Solutions & Crop Specific Products

We understand the varying needs of our growers and the importance of obtaining the best yields. We therefore offer, crop specific products to suit a variety of growing needs, be it vegetables, soft fruits or flowers. Coco substrates we provide, can be customized to each grower’s specific requirements based on physical and chemical parameters.

Our products guarantee stability and consistent performance for best results.

Innovation to meet emerging challenges

Unceasing innovation of our processes and equipment is an essential element of our organizational behaviour. Emphasizing the need to constantly update our knowledge by benchmarking global best practices to achieve higher efficiencies, we strive to offer the benefits of such improvements to our clients.