Customised to Fit Multiple Pot Sizes – Perfect in Floriculture

Coco Disks

The most popular and sought after product amongst growers of flowers, our Coco Disks are perfect for Gerberas, Orchids, Anthurium and other pot plants. A most convenient offering for professional and home growers, it is as easy as just placing the disk inside the pot and adding water.

Material Type : Standard Basic coco peat or crushed coconut husk or a combination as per request. (in unwashed, washed or pre-fertilized material)
Dimension : Available in 2cm, 11cm, 12cm, 13cm & 14cm diameter disks Could be custom made to specifications of the client
Load ability  : Subject to the dry diameter and height of the disk and the desired packing method.
Packing : In creates/pallets or in corrugated boxes stacked on pallets, the option of individually packing the disk with label and shirk wrap is available if required by the client

Coco Disks – Perfect in Floriculture

  • Easy application & reduced labour cost in pot filling
  • Organic and easy recycling
  • Custom manufactured to fit different pot sizes
  • Can be supplied in different particle structures for optimum air and water capacity required for different cultures
  • Suitable for every crop and cultivation phase
  • Multiple sizes and shapes to fit pots and containers