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Our Story

Euro Substrates was established in the year 2000 with affiliation to Van der Knaap Group of Companies in The Netherlands, with the objective of supplying finest quality coco substrates to professional growers around the world.

We are widely acclaimed today for high-quality coir substrates, owing to our unwavering commitment to continuous product development through introduction of innovative processes and production techniques. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail in finding the right solution to satisfy diverse needs of our valued clients, has given us the leading edge in supplying to today’s high-tech horticulture industry. By maintaining a constant dialogue with our customers, we have developed a wide range of crop specific products for growing flowers, vegetables and soft fruits. With the establishment of Growrite Substrates [Pvt] Ltd in 2006, the most advanced coco substrates processing facility we have taken a giant leap forward towards meeting the ever-increasing demand for our high-quality grow bags.

Our multidisciplinary team who are engaged in production, innovation, marketing and logistics are fully devoted to deliver complete customer satisfaction. All products manufactured by us are 100% organic and derives from an environmentally sustainable resource; coconut.

Supplier of Finest Quality

Coco Substrates to Professional

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Our manufacturing facilities are fully equipped to deliver a wide range of products with great flexibility. Process and product innovations are our continuous commitment to maintain the finest quality in all products we deliver to our clients.


Our team is our greatest asset. We are committed to ensuring fair practices and promoting a conducive environment to facilitate development of skills and competencies of our team members in exceeding the expectations of our clients.


Our products are 100% environmentally safe and derives from a natural resource. Through the transformation of this natural resource into a high value substrate with multiple uses, we support professional horticulture and the home and garden market across the globe, ensuring that our clients achieve their goals.

Innovation for a Better Tomorrow

Our passion to develop products that provide our customers with desirability and higher value without compromising sustainability has given life to innovation. We share knowledge, learn from our clients and incessantly innovate our products and processes building meaningful relationships with our stakeholders sharing their vision for success.

It is our strong belief that our long-term success and sustainability is reliant upon our commitment to empowering people, uplifting community and protecting the planet. Our innovation efforts are directed towards these three inseparable aspects in business. I invite you to be a part of our journey in bringing together innovation and sustainability for development and growth for all, as we devote our time, effort and resources today, for a better tomorrow.

– Dinesh Fernando (Managing Director)

Our Vision

To be the world’s leading sustainable coco solutions provider.

Our Mission

Passionately pursue product and process innovation to ensure that our stakeholders achieve their goals.

Passion for Excellence

We are committed to offering high quality, environmentally-safe products to growers worldwide since our inception in 2000. During our journey of nearly two decades, we have successfully introduced many pioneering products to our clients…


Sustainable Growth

As we depend upon the natural environment surrounding us for resources, sustainability is our highest priority in business. Therefore, sustaining our natural resources and maintaining the right ecological balance, to meet the needs of both present and…


Finest Quality

We strive to provide finest quality products through a process that guarantees consistency at every single step by adopting an unparalleled quality assurance system.  Our competent and specialized team responsible for the process warrants…


Beyond Profit

Corporate Social Responsibility is deeply embedded in the DNA of our culture. We have been engaging in numerous CSR activities in the past, successfully executing many projects for the benefit of our community and to preserve the nature. We maintain…


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